I don't really have any friends and it really pisses me off. There are people who I call my friends but they aren't close and I never see them.
I have no idea how to make them. I don't remember making friends, just that I used to have them.
And what is stupid is that people seem surprised that I have no friends. That's just annoying.

One of my "friends" never called me back and that just doesn't happen.
He's one of the only people that lives within an hour driving distance and he told me to call him.
I feel really left out of life.

And I'm still battling my medication. I'm taking it, but it seems stupid. And therapy seems stupid. Every aspect of me being bipolar and treating it seems stupid. I was happier totally fucked up. It's a lie, but barely.
I have passed into this entire phase of non-acceptance, it seems.

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