I started taking melatonin two days ago but I think it's probably a bust. I get sleepy, more than tired, when I go to bed but I can't tell if it's making me pissy or not. Which isn't a good thing. It could, of course, just be that I am not getting much sleep and am attributing it to the melatonin.

When i tried to take Rozerem it made me very not happy and I stopped taking it immediately. I was more than pissy. I got so aggravated with someone at a restaurant who was obnoxious and talking on their cellphone that I was all shaky. But I want to try it again. I think it might help and maybe now it would be ok.

I have my chemistry class tomorrow. Our first quiz is at the end of class and I have run out of ways to study. I need to study some more but I don't know how to. I need to do well on this quiz and in this class. My guts are starting to hurt thinking about it and I sort of feel like crying.

Anxiety much?

I feel all pressured.  I really want to get an A. But I don't think that's going to happen. If I get a B, my parents will be ok with it but I really really won't be. I'll try to be and pretend it's ok, but it won't be. And this is a problem because I can't do this for two months. I don't know what to call it exactly but I feel really stressed. I know it is unreasonably stressed. I'm not a stupid person; I shouldn't do poorly on the quiz but I am sort of freaking out anyway.

Sink or swim. Sink or swim. Sink or swim. Sink or swim. Sink or swim. Sink or swim. Sink or swim.

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