A is for Awkward, that's good enough for me.

Ten year reunion: "enough awkward to last another ten years!"  It was really good to see my two friends though and we had a nice, awkward, amusing time.

I had a hard time explaining to people what, exactly, it is I'm studying and wanting to do.  I don't quite have the vocabulary down yet for it and I'm not fluent in the speak so I just find myself stumbling over explanations and bouncing between bumpers of neuroscience, art, and therapy without coherently blending them well enough to get my point across.

I know what I want to do.  With a gun to my head I could stumble through a basic outline of what it means and it would make sense to people who are doing it, or people familiar with it or who already know what I'm talking about.  But to the basic lay person?

Neurological deficits and art therapy?  WTF?

I guess... I need to work on that.
It doesn't help that I'm like, anxious as fuck that I'm going to say the wrong thing because I'm like... all new to all this stuff and haven't actually been taught anything formally and don't think I know anything [which is a fairly accurate statement] so I'm scared to actually say anything about anything.

 In other news...
I'm fucking sick of everyone moving my shit around this house and not telling me where they put it.
I need to get the fuck out of here like, yesterday, last week, last month.

My mother lost my Hello Kitty sewing machine.  She can't remember where she put it.  Instead of asking me to move it somewhere, she just up and relocated it and now can't fucking find it.

This is not a rare occurrence.

I'm bored.  I'm anxious.
I want to just sleep until move in day.

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