Find people who like what they see, not see what they like.

My friend K sort of recently got engaged. [about a few months ago]
To a really awesome guy.

The first time I met him was actually without her, though they'd known each other for years and were "kind of sort of maybe" dating at the time.  They were both coming up to the state but he was flying in one night earlier and needed a place to stay.  She's such a close friend and though I wouldn't do it for anyone
[and neither would my mother for that matter] K is like family, so any friend of hers is a friend of mine and I said he could stay at my place.

I went to pick him up at the airport and had an orange coffee cup, which I told him when he called my cell to say he had landed.  Later on he said "I thought that was ingenious because you know, carrying something bright and noticeable so I could pick her out... but then I realized... no, she was just carrying an orange coffee cup. heh."

Which was funny.

So we went to mcdonald's where I found a salad I could eat and talked.he later told K "The first time I met [Josie] I thought she was a scientist, just from talking to her."

This has confused me until today, when I recalled something else.

A few years prior to that, I had been sitting on the porch of another friend.  We were just talking about random shit and he said "Where do you think memories come from?" or something like that.

So I go into this whole thing about how I think they are probably in different parts of the brain depending on what they are associated with but it might depend if it's like a memory from when you were two or yesterday or something like that, though memory is funny because like, we do some things automatically and I think that's different than a memory of a day at the beach and I said something about how I think there is one specific part of the brain that processes memories but I didn't know what it was called and if you destroy that part than you can't make new memories and you forever will wander about not able to make new memories, but still knowing your past...

And went on and on from a semi-cognitive perspective, I guess, that's what you'd call it?  Well, brain gooshy stuff perspective.

But he kind of halted me after a little bit and was frustrated and a little annoyed.
"No, that's not what I mean, you always do that."

I think he wanted some social or spiritual answer, but I couldn't give it to him.
Even before I KNEW I was into cognitive shit, I was into cognitive shit.  And, apparently, it annoyed my friends.

...time to get new friends.
Which I did. And I'm glad I did. They were not fabulous people, or really great friends in fact. But I still miss them. Funny how that works.

I showed my poster presentation board to K the other day when she came over and she was super impressed.
We have known each other since grade school and she has seen all my ups and downs and... deviations...

I was talking about the Research Methods class and getting all excited. I have an idea for a study that I want to do, if I can ever get my ass together.  My old advisor said she would help me with stuff, so between her and someone I can find at my new school... maybe I can do it.

It would be a qualitative study having to do with synesthesia.
Kind of nervous about doing a qualitative study, but I think I can do it. Probably. Maybe. Ha.
I just have to find the right faculty advisor to help me.

Ok. I need to fucking start school now.

I'm getting way antsy.

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