RE: Dear Doctor

I saw my psychiatrist today.

I kind of groaned inside when I sat down and he said "I got your note, but I didn't read all of it yet." as I took that to be a bad sign. He did read the rest of it however, and the proceeded to hmm and hah and look through his notes.

[I don't really mind this.  He works out of what I think is his home, and doesn't have a waiting room.  So either he can look at his notes with me there or I can wait out in the street. Most doctors who have waiting rooms get a minute to regroup in their office while their patients wait outside, I imagine. He's only seen
me twice, so I don't really expect that he has my shit down exactly]

He then said what I suggested, that we lower the methylphenidate a little bit and see how it goes for a couple months, sounded like a good plan.  We also settled on slowly, very slowly, transitioning from lamictal to lithium, which I agree with because the lithium works noticeably better than the lamictal and going
slowly onto it should leave me without the stupid.

As in starting at 300mg for two weeks, then going to 600mgs for two weeks and once I'd been on 600mgs for a little bit, then drop the lamictal a little bit.

Then after two weeks go to 900mg and see where we're at.
I'll probably have to go to at least 1200mg, I'm thinking.  My blood level was at .5ish at that point last time, I think, though my memory for such things is never to be trusted, so it could most certainly have been higher.

I'm feeling better about him.

He said at one point, that he was looking to get me on fewer medications, but only as I need, not just for the sake of getting me on fewer medications.  So, that is to say, if I can get by with fewer medications, good. If not, then ok.

He also said he would value my input and if I have ideas be willing to hear them. Heh- then he said "but if you're saying something I think is harmful or stupid, I'm going to tell you..."

At which point I laughed and said ok.

He also said, after asking if he was making me anxious, that the likelihood of him turning into a werewolf anytime soon is pretty low so I shouldn't worry about that and then gave me a brief history of werewolf movies.

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