Welp. Thank you for that.

I was watching this thing on Scientific American Frontiers online.
And this may be a little disturbing...

They were talking about choices.
The television series M*A*S*H* ws mentioned- specifically one of the episodes in which a bus full of people was hiding from the enemy and everyone had to be quiet but a baby was making noise.

The mother ended up smothering it.

And they showed it.
And the whole thing was so sudden, the way they said it, and then showed it afterward [which they didn't really introduce... if you are curious, you can read about the incident in the first couple paragraphs here. Not so jarring]

I was like "wow. Thank you for that, fuckers. I was cheerily enjoying my brain/cognition show, but thank you very much for that."

So now it's like two in the morning and I can't sleep.

Sometimes things get disturbing, when you talk about humans.
Ok, a lot of the time things get disturbing. 

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