I'm on a bus.

I have an issue with public transportation and despite living in the city for nearing a couple months now, I've not really ridden the bus that much by myself.

I realize the feelings I have regarding the T, generally, are pretty unreasonable.  But when you happen to be on the ASD spectrum and have a serious case of social anxiety, things are often strange and unreasonable.
The thing is:
I'm scared of it.
I'm scared because the names of the stops come up so fast and I'm scared I'm going to miss them and then not know where to go. I'm scared of people. I'm scared of touching them and having them touch me.
I'm scared of things that are new and unfamiliar.

Yesterday, though, I was supposed to have dinner with a friend from highschool, so I got my ass on the bus, to a place I'd never been before, and Actually Did Not Explode.

Holy shit!

I was so nervous, too.
The initial stop where I had to get the bus was a stop that I'd never been too, also, so I was all worried I wouldn't find it.

Totally an adult doing adult stuff.
For serious.

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