Been there, done that, got the pill box.

So I went and saw Next to Normal today. [warning link has some spoilers in the synopsis. you probably figured that out, but just thought I'd mention] I mean, in case you didn't know already that I was going to see it. Because I haven't been able to shut the fuck up about it. Sorry.

It was good. The understudy was playing the lead, and that was a bit of a let down at first, but she did a great job. So it was fine. I just don't like unexpected things.
But I did like it. Some of it was funny, some of it made me want to cry. I saw it with my mom and she cried during some of it. She said afterward that she thought it was good and interesting and informative and she was glad she saw it.

Some of the things I could relate to a lot, and obviously, because we're all different and the situation in the musical is a little specific, some of it I couldn't.

There's a song about the lead and her psychopharmacologist and it's pretty funny.

I got a pill box with the show's logo and name on it.

One thing I pulled from the show [though maybe not directly from it], as I was thinking about stuff, is this idea that I've been pondering:

Even though we [as in the crazycrazies] are at times totally fucking nuts, we do have moments, days, weeks, months of clarity. We have to grasp these times and use them to our best advantage. We have to make the hard choices then, and instill in ourselves a trust to be carried through the madness that we made the right decision when we weren't crazy. Maybe that's impossible...
I really don't know.
I guess just thinking about it.
Maybe it's asking too much.

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