Random randomness.

Yesterday I woke up feeling really really nauseous. It had actually started the night before, but it was really mild, so I didn't think anything of it because I occasionally get slightly yuck from the lithium. But yesterday it was bad bad bad. So bad that moving made it feel like "I'm going to throw up and it's going to happen. Right. Now." . But it didn't. It didn't actually get to that point and I don't know if it's because that simply wasn't going to happen or if there was a psychological block because I live in a dorm.

I ended up calling my internship and telling them I couldn't come in. But my supervisor usually goes in about an hour after I do, so I had to leave a message. Which is crummy. But I didn't want her to show up to no message at all.
I found some spearmint gum, which I have found has helped in the past, and chewed on that awhile. It helped a bit.

My back hurt a lot too, and so did my head.
My head had been hurting off and on since seeing the show on Sunday, which is a while for a head to hurt. But I took something for it, and it went away, then came back a little, then went away. Then came back yesterday morning.

I was able to go to my afternoon/evening class last night. Which is good, but I wasn't really engaged, which is bad.  My stomach's still a little weird and my back still hurts but my head's better.

Like... could this be a freaky kind of migraine?
I don't know, because I don't usually get headachey migraines.
I get freaky-aura migraines that evidently no one has heard of.

I know migraines, from prodrome to postdrome, the symptoms, can potentially last a couple days.

I've been thinking of asking my doctor if we can raise the topamax because I've been getting a lot of headaches, anyway.  I feel like the headaches might be breakthrough symptoms or something.

...which is weird because, again,  I don't usually get headachey migraines.
Though now that I think about it? In the past year or so I've had two REALLY bad headaches that I can recall. They weren't blinding, but they were... debilitating to some extent.

I always compare head pain to my car accident head pain and they weren't like that, but they were pretty bad.

*sigh* I should probably get a neurologist again.

/me throws confetti.

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