I'd love to meet Oliver Sacks.

So I've decided I'm definitely going to do something about the whole, uh, brain thing. The brain hurty thing. Not the brain crazy thing.

It's been at least since last summer, probably longer than that though, that I can remember having some "break through" migrainous symptoms. On top of that are the "little headaches", which I'm averaging about 3 a week probably? Sometimes more.

Then there have been two distinct times I remember having pretty severe headaches, and excedrin- or whatever the generic of that crap is called- wouldn't touch them and all I could do is ride them out. I remember one time feeling suddenly extremely nauseated but I don't know if it was near a time I had a headache or not, so.

The thing with those two headaches is, I mean, they were pretty bad. But I wouldn't think of calling them a migraine because when I think migraine headache? I think like, excruciating pain. I think the kind of head pain I had after my car accident when they had to give me an iv for it kind of pain. So every headache I get, I compare to that.

Though actually the headache itself can vary. My other migraines are a little wonky to begin with, so I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.  Then there's the whole thing that happened this past week with the headache and the prolonged awful feeling in the stomach.
Plus, I will randomly feel tired sometimes. I don't know if that's related, but I almost feel like maybe it's migrainous in origin. Maybe I'm just lazy.

I definitely need a new neurologist.

Since the... migraine/sickypooness/whatever, my head's not quite been on straight and I've felt, a few times, like I'm almost about to have one of my regular migraines....those tend to be bad. Sometimes scary.

Oh, I found this while wandering about the intarnets.
It's neat.

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