Rundown of "the everyday".

Well, at least I haven't had another big huge classic migraine lately, right? Right... there's the "at least". The bad part is that I keep having head pain and "mini headaches" that last from 5-15 minutes that aren't, for the most part, anything past moderate. Which is good. Also have aura-type stuff but haven't had anything full blown. So I suppose the topiramate increase is helping. But I'm at 400 mg at this point and you'd think that would take care of it.

Only it's not. I've been giving it some time, but the time doesn't seem to be working either. I'm supposed to give it until this Thursday I think and then call. I don't know if I'm calling and saying "Can I talk to Dr. X" or "Can I leave a message for Dr. X" or just say "I came in about a month ago and I'm supposed to call around now and report back, blah blah blah..." Uck. I hate calling. I hate migraine crap. I had thought the med increase would be sufficient.


She had mentioned a couple other meds to try, and then eventually Botox. That's right, Botox. But that won't take care of the auras, which she doesn't seem terribly concerned about.

But I am. They have in the least an annoying immediate effect on me and at the most a longer term, more extreme effect: sometimes they effect me for a couple days. They can make me unable to do anything in the short term and make me exhausted and unable to think as well in the longer term. But no one seems to worry as much about the auras. It's fucking frustrating.

Maybe I just worry too much.
I would like to retain my clarity of thought fairly consistently, however.

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