Put me out.

Just… whatever.

I don’t know if I want to actually deal with anything. As if that was an option.
People keep saying I’m really busy, or I have a full schedule or a lot to do. I know this. I really do. I don’t want to hear it. Over and over. As if I’m not aware. That I’m at risk of losing it.

I had my internship today. It was ok. I got to see and pet some horsies, but didn’t do much interesting other than that because I’m not trained yet. I did some stupid stuff and can’t make decisions- some old bullshit as per usual.
I don’t think I’ll be riding.
I’m pretty sure I’m too fat and I’ll hurt the horses.
...with the attainment of this knowledge I've reached a Brand. New. Low.

Excuse me while I go struggle through the homework that I was supposed to have finished already.

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