Dr. P is on vacation.

I left my internship today to drive forty five minutes to go to an appointment. When i got there, and said "Hi my name is [Josie] and I have an appointment at 1 oclock with Dr. P", her response was "Dr. P is on vacation".

And then she just stared at me. That's all, just... nothing.

I told her, that was a bit funny because I have the appointment card right here.

She looks into the computerness and discovers "AHA" the office manager manager apparently made a switch to my appointment, it's on the 30th.
And also, no one bothered to tell me.

 Since seeing my neurologist I've had I think four headache/migraines... [or heffalumps and woozles- which is really just as accurate a description], two of which I used the Fioricet for.

Fioricet is acetaminophen, caffeine and a barbiturate. I don't really like taking it. I also don't like feeling as though my brain is trying to claw it's way out of my skull, so sometimes I just take the Fioricet. I have "regular" headaches pretty often.

I had to go home from work one night because I knew I was going to get a migraine and I kinda was pissed about that.

I knew when I started to feel floaty, headachey, and slow... it was time to go.
My head felt like cotton.

So I went home, felt weird for a while, then slept it off. Felt a little funky for a while, but it seemed to work out.

The thing is, I'm getting a lot of subtle "subthreshold" weird migraines. [or, well, they aren't exactly migraines. They're like... Cognitive Anomalies or something?]

I kinda... don't even want to deal with this. I can't even really explain what is going on, so the legitimacy is constantly questioned.

Can't I just be crazy?

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