I suck / cleaning up?

We decided to drop the luvox and the lithium, after my compliance with those two specifically had been so random as to be a joke, and we couldn't even get a consistent lithium level.

My doctor and I discussed it and decided to see how things go.
I'm sick of being on 7 [or 8?] meds, and, well, there's never a good time anyway so why not now?

Meanwhile, due to unrelated circumstances, I'm destroying relationships left and right.

I'm unhappy with what the future holds. I want to change it.
I'm not sure the best way to go about it, and with a little unintentional poking from a friend, I've ended up swatting at anything/anyone that gets close.

Am I just destined to fail at "happy, healthy and normal"?

Whatever. All melodrama under the bridge.

I'm not going to be "fixed". I'm not going to change dramatically. I'm not going to have some miraculous epiphany that makes everything ok.

Life sucks. I suck.
I just need to learn some coping skills.

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