I'm counting UFOs

For a while I started to not sleep right or enough, and ended up getting 5ish hours of sleep a night.
It started to subtly tweak with my mood state. There was nothing severe or dramatic, no big switch was thrown. But by my spring break I found myself painting all the time, routinely up at 530, 500, 430. A little more outgoing, with this tension building, and a bit less tolerance for people and life in general.

At the end of the week I had completed four acrylic paintings and was starting on a fifth, when usually I get done one every week or two.

I knew around wednesday that things weren't right. I called my doctor but she wasn't in. I talked to the doctor standing in for her and we agreed upon risperidone, which I have taken before. started taking.
It helps.

A little too much.

I have now reached the point where I take the risperdal and I feel sedated, unmotivated, sluggish and foggy most of the next day, even on .5 mg. I have to talk to my doctor, whom I just saw, and tell her this.

It sucks. I think it's also possible that the luvox is doing this, I just have a feeling. I can't imagine why though. I'd hate to take it away, as it really had seemed to help with the ocd shit. But now the ocd stuff is going a little bit haywire too.

I'm exceedingly frustrated

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