Pay it forward.

A stranger bought me a car the other day.

...I was at Target, debating whether I wanted to buy the bottle of blood orange soda or the "vintage" style matchbox [which cost all of 2.64] and finally decided on the soda. I placed the car aside and sighed. This gentleman looks at me and looks at the car and understands what just happened.

"You aren't going to get that?"

"No, ha. You have to make some tough decisions sometimes"

I smiled but he went on:
"How much is the car?"

"2.64?" I said, puzzled.

"Ok, I'll buy it for you"

I kind of resisted, and with stuff like this I'm never sure if it's ok to just let the person do the nice thing. Because in my mind, why can't people just do nice things for other people? But I've always been given the impression that it's not ok to accept people doing nice things. On the other hand, people always say that you should do nice things.

So I had a little internal tug of war that was halted when immediately following my transaction he grabbed the car and said loudly "OK SCAN THIS FOR ME BUT GIVE IT TO HER!"

After I say "Yay! I have a car!", he just smiles and says "Just pay it forward"

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