Welcome to OCD, the land of the ridiculous.

It's strange. My OCD is much more obsessive, but I do have some compulsions. Things that make me very very uncomfortable, and just put me more at ease if I do them. But like most of my life, they are rarely exacting and consistent.

The pump on the shampoo bottle and the conditioner bottle have to be pumped a certain number of times. This can get high, most of the time being 17,18 or 19 though sometimes being 23 or 25. Not 21. Never 21.

If I have pumped it and put it in my hair and I feel wrong, I have to condition my hair, rinse it out and do it again.

How is it "wrong" or "right"? I don't know. I don't know what cosmic entity enforces this stuff, but it's so stupid you can't make it up.

I also have opposing compulsions.

If there are tables with borders, I really feel more comfortable lining things up right in the corner of the border. It's just "better".
However, I don't like glasses and things like that [anything that could possibly break], near an edge unless I can watch it, and even then it should be at least three inches in.

So this is a problem. I guess I solve it by fidgeting with stuff.
Which I suppose is annoying as fuck to some people.

...as i said, I'm not sure you can make this shit up.

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