Let's try this again...

I didn't get my blood work done today either. But that's ok.
I had fruit and juice and water today instead of a bunch of crap, and had potatoes for dinner.

I'm still irritated that my cherries ended up tasting pretty bad.

I called the new store at which I want to apply. They said their hiring manager was busy but I could leave a message and she'd call me back.

I left a message, meaning to call by 245 if she hadn't called me back. I noticed at about 310 that I hadn't received a phone call [which is really fucking annoying], and called back. She had already left.

I explained to them that I am unable to apply online because of how recently I had applied for the previous position and they said that I could come get a paper application.

I drove down there. They had no applications printed up, so I waited for about twenty minutes, at which time someone came out and told me that the computer wasn't working so they couldn't print up an application. "You can apply online".

I explained that no, I can't, and I would be back tomorrow.

Why is it such a big hairy deal?

Anyway, plans for tomorrow- go to new store with resume, get bloodwork done, hopefully send out my computer.

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