I see what you did there.

There is sometimes no segregating mood symptoms from topiramate-induced lability from migraine prodrome/postdrome from temporal lobe STUPIDITY.

Also: Everyone says that I have great insight. "Wow, that was very insightful" "At least you are able to maintain such good insight into the situation" "Considering you have bipolar, your insight is very good"

Ok, so they say these things right up until the part where I start worrying that my brain is actually getting worse.

Then, its no longer "insight"; its either "hypochondria" [to the layperson] or "a tendency to pathologize" [for those who like to gaze down their nose at you]… either way it pretty much amounts to:
"It's all in your head."

In my head, you say? No. Way.

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  1. The problem with having mental illness is a lot of people think it's all in our heads. Like we get some pervese satisfaction of being sick. It's maddening. Then when we get a physical illness people think we are just making if up. It sometimes feels like you just can't win. Mental illness is located in the brain so technically it is "all in our heads" except it is real and no one likes to suffer no matter what part of the body the illness is located. When someone has breast cancer no one looks at them and says " it's just in your breast". That would be inappropriate. However, some people have no problem insulting us by acting like we are pretending to have issues. I know it's not all in your head. You are a terrific writer. You are a beautiful person and you are strong. Don't listen to ignorant people they only bring down.


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