My life, concentrated.

Today, while waiting around Harvard Square, I did some general people watching.

There was an "older middle-aged" gentleman with a sign that said "looking for human kindness". He had a cup with some change in it. He wasn't harrassing anyone, but just standing calmly.

I had left my debit card at my place and had only realized this when I was in Davis before coming to Harvard, after I ordered something to eat and then had to use all of four dollars in cash I had.  Also, it was hot and I really have to watch my water intake so I had to buy a water, and I couldn't afford to give him my last two dollars in case something came up and I really needed water. I know that sounds stupid, but my body doesn't actually regulate temperature very well anymore [yay anticonvulsants!].

So... I stood there, thinking. I usually carry a bunch of different snacks with me, because I have a weird diet and have a hard time finding to-go food.  I walked up to him and said "Hi. How are you for food?"  He said he was ok for food and thanked me for asking. I said, if he was sure, ok. Because I couldn't afford to give him money, but I could give him something if he needed a little food for today. He said "No, thank you sweetheart, i appreciate it" I said ok, and walked away. A few minutes later I realized I hadn't really been all that kind when I approached him.

I went back up and told him I realized I hadn't introduced myself and asked his name and gave him mine.  I said I would likely be back at some point, and he said, with a half-smile, that he hoped he wouldn't be there if I did. I said I hoped so too.

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