wait- what!?

Someone referred to me today as a Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

Actually, they said that it was probably how people [mostly men] tend to frame me.

I guess... I should turn that over in my head for a while.


And as a result, this catch-all now has authentically quirky women (MY GOD IS THAT EVEN REAL STILL) with offbeat interests everywhere thinking about the way the MPDG moniker now renders jokey and false any attempt at cultivating what we used to call an interesting personality.

This phenomenon has women in the position where they are thinking "if I act like me, I'm trying too hard..."

And really?
Totally screwed up. But I have found myself thinking this, and thought "no wait, maybe that's just me being crazy"

The reality is, recently I've been accused of being inauthentic. I honestly have no idea where these accusations came from.
out of pixie dust? 

But apparently I don't actually exist. Things I do, say, feel, wear- ITS ALL FAKE.

And there is another problem inherent in addressing this- if I acknowledge, even possibly suggest- that I may be slightly different than your average thirty year old American female... again, I get the "You are trying too hard" thing.

So, no matter what, I am not actually supposed to present myself... as myself.
I'm supposed to carry a little dog in a purse that matches my nail polish, squeal whenever what's-his-name is mentioned [ you know who I mean, the guy who is in everything all the time. The bachelor of the minute], be "available" but not a slut, not like sex, give good head, wear makeup [but it has to be natural as too much is bad],  want to marry any male who comes anywhere near my clutches immediately. Know and promote that "real women have curves", and don't put up with shit, but aim to give the impression that I am so frail and helpless that I can't change a tire, nor will I ever be able to have children, as I might die from the exertion. [Which is a shame, because apparently all women want to have a basketball team built into their family, and are constantly hounding anyone with sperm to contribute. For serious, I have the impression that once a woman turns thirty she is most likely to be found robbing a sperm bank.]

Also, I need to be witty, passionate and smart, but not too snarky, intense, or intellectual.

And did you know?
Chicks with glasses are hot, but only if they don't actually need them to see.


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