What painting teaches me:

It is better to try and fix a mistake early. You can often use something simple to wipe it away, rather than having to start over the entire shape or even the entire picture.

Different strokes are appropriate at different times. A heavy, charged stroke brings a different result than a calm, controlled one. There are different times to use each- it is a learning process to know when to use which.

Everyone has their own style, and some take more time to develop it than others.

If you make a mistake, there is always a way to benefit from it. You can learn how not to do it again, take advantage of it and work it into an established plan, learn about how you made that mistake and grow from it.

A challenge can always be enjoyable.


Also, saw this at one point on a kind of "you know you are bipolar if" list. Usually I don't really appreciate them, but this sticks with me:

"Last night you understood the secrets to the universe and this
morning you are contemplating whether the jam goes on top of the peanut butter or under it."

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