Life is not fair. Duh.

I'm really fed up with everyone talking about how everything sucks and life is just one endless bag of misery and nothing ever gets better, turning to me with their big sad weepy eyes, looking for pity. Not for advice, or for anything to cheer them up, or for a different perspective. Just. Pity.

Sorry. Fresh out.

It's a big long tunnel, walls made of shit and shame. The only way to the end is to shuffle through the sewage of the everyday. Some people get rafts. Some people get goddamn party boats and we hate those people and we want to curse at them because HOW DARE THEY get a goddamn party boat.

"How dare they get the Barbie Malibu Party Cruise Ship when I am sludging along the shore, clinging to the dung wall of humanity, wearing fucking neon green Duck Dynasty castoff gaitors?"


Then you spot the one asshole floating on his back lazy river style, completely oblivious to the smell as well as the fact that both Ken and Barbie have margaritas in their hands. He also fails to notice the pitiful excuse for a raft slowly floating past him- the sad soul perched upon it looking as poorly put together as the mess of boards beneath his feet.

To add to your building resentment of anyone not currently wearing gaitors, his eyes do not even twitch in the general direction of you and your 80's waterproof jam pants.

Forget Barbie and her top heavy dream crew.



  1. Brung - unposted on WPSat Nov 08, 09:23:00 AM EST

    der you when you're just gaining your balance... In all honesty, life is unpredictable and overly stimulating, a typical aspies worst nightmare. But why the animosity towards the shit floater?

  2. I can't really give you insight re:animosity? I don't often have it. Occasionally? Sure, but it isn't usual for me. I think the point in this writing is that the usual _tendency_ is to think something like "hey! Why aren't you miserable like the rest of us? That's just not FAIR!" Instead of rejoicing in everyone's triumphs and little joys we seek to bring them down. I don't know why but I've seen this as pretty typical behavior not just occasional frustration. I'm not sure what to make of it.

    1. Brung - unposted on WPSat Nov 08, 12:19:00 PM EST

      Yeah, people who can "detach", seeming to be free of life's foibles are somewhat intimidating/enfuriating, I get how that can be unsettling/annoying. As for celebrating people's successes? It's the reverse? of shit floater, maybe. Some see the success and think, "why can't I have that? What makes you so special? Why can't you be trudging along like the trodden masses?" Maybe? Guess that's why. they call envy the green-eyed monster.

  3. " Guess that's why. they call envy the green-eyed monster." Heh. Yeah I'm pretty thankful my eyes are [mostly!] blue.
    I just would rather figure out how to improve my situation and raise above than pull people down below with me? I mean, as I suggest, I am guilty of occasionally being narrow minded and negative and all around crappy. But I don't understand it as just a general way to live life- that the way to deal with a shit-hand is to get everyone else down to where you are rather than to figure out how they do it? But um... people fucking kick me in the teeth when I try to be productive-positive. So it's not like I don't get the position of Shit Floater, as we have now named him. haha- which I enjoy.


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