I am describing My Person, first.

Yeah... here's the thing:
I get to choose how I refer to myself, and no one else gets to decide that for me. No one else gets to decide that it is "not appropriate" or "incorrect" or "insensitive" or what the hell ever other excuse that basically comes down to the fact that either that it makes them uncomfortable or might possibly start a conversation that some people would rather avoid.

So if:
My BMI is sky high, instead of saying I'm "curvy" or "real" or "large" or "big boned" I want to call myself "fat"?  I GET TO DO THAT. I don't have a problem with the word fat. Everyone else seems to have an issue with the word fat- as if skirting around it is something we need to do to avoid the reality that my ass is in fact bigger than a bread box. The assumption is that fat automatically carries these horribly tragic connotations for every single person in existence.
I'm not devastated if I state the reality of a situation. You don't get to tell me that I can't call myself fat because YOU can't figure this thing out.

So if:
Instead of saying "I am a person with bipolar" [so. many. words.] or "I have bipolar", I want to say "I am bipolar"? You don't get to tell me that I am supposed to use "person first language".

Because guess what? I'm a person, and that's the language *I* am using to describe myself. We are not Borg here. Clearly.  I describe my own experience. My own experience has been that if I was not bipolar I would not at all be the person I am today.

Meaning? I am bipolar. Not at all sorry if that is disruptive to your view of the universe. You don't have to incorporate it, you just need to respect it. Just as if you have been diagnosed with bipolar and would like to refer to that event as "having bipolar" as opposed to "being bipolar", I would respect that. Same thing goes with anything going on with my brain/body or your brain/body.

Slightly tangentially, but not really:
If think I look great, instead of saying "I don't look bad"? I'm going to say "I look great!"
Screw all of this crap where I'm supposed to suppress the feeling of confidence on the occasions I have it, lest someone possibly think I'm a terrible and conceited individual. Why are we continually told to suppress when we feel honestly good about ourselves if it is coming from within, but encouraged to seek approval from all these random people on the internet?

This is the absurdity of it: you are encouraged to have 3000 "friends" and get your self esteem from the number of "likes" given by these people you don't even really know. However, if you say anything positive about yourself, you are seen as narcissistic.

Screw it, I'm awesome.
I get to say that.

The fun thing is everyone else gets to say it too!
You can also say "I have awesomeness", if you want.

Really it's a personal decision in the end, and that's the point.



  1. I totally want to have sex with this post. Not that you know what that is. And shit.

    1. I know you do. It's... some sort of cake, right? Ha.

  2. [to clarify the above Anonymous comment? I know the identity of this Anonymous and this anonymous is quite aware of my sex life. Or rather, my lack of sex life. ...not that I know what that is. And shit. ha.]


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