Fish Eye.

I was wandering about the internet, as I sometimes do and happened upon an article that discussed importance of lure choice when fishing. 

Do I even fish? Not anymore.

I used to fish all the time with my grandfather. What really gave me pause here is the discussion in the article of light/color and how fish are able to see the lure color which might compare differently to what we assume they can see as the lay person. 

Not much from me today but I wanted to share the geek. 
If you are interested in color and/or human sight I included a few related links at the bottom as well.

View From Below
Does Lure Color Matter Underwater?

Most keen anglers have a favorite lure or fly color, and swear that their choice will out-perform all other offerings. But just how important is color when it comes to lure and fly selection? Well, according to science, not very important at all!

Water progressively absorbs or blocks light of different wavelengths, meaning that colors effectively “vanish” one after another as “white” sunlight travels through the water column. The overall intensity or brightness of visible light also diminishes rapidly underwater... 


How does the brain interpret color? [seeing color]
What light reaches the eye? [the visible spectrum]
The Brain From Top to Bottom:[photoreceptors beginner] [photoreceptors advanced]
[I always recommend looking at The Brain From Top to Bottom, for anyone]

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