You need to stop.

I really need people to stop commenting on things like:
My "social skills"
The fact that I use make up [what?]
The fact that I have sex [DOUBLE WHAT]

Other things that demonstrate either you don't know me or don't REALLY know what you are talking about re: autism, to support the idea that I am not autistic.

hint 1: My "social skills" are this grab bag of some kind of bullshit that are often some kind of desperate effort save by the fact that I tend to follow some kind of script that works at most parties if you have a drink in your hand that you keep only one-quarter full OR keep someone beside you who will cover for you and laugh at the weird things you say and will make other people feel stupid for NOT laughing at the weird stuff you say.

Also- there are enough short scripts or simple things you can do to fake that you know what you are doing. All else fails, fall back on very basic psychology theories combined with the fact that people just want to be heard and appreciated. I don't actually know when I've said something wrong or that what I'm about to say is subtly offensive. I often actually have a problem offending people when I try. I have yet to figure that out.

hint 2: WTF with the makeup. Yes I wear fucking make up. I'm not even going to address this.

hint 3: I have genitals. I like it when they feel good. Some people who aren't autistic don't like sex. Some people who are autistic don't like sex and it has nothing to do with being autistic. Some people who are autistic are in poly relationships [and it has nothing to do with being autistic]. Some people who aren't autistic are in poly relationships and it has nothing to do with not being autistic. SOME PEOPLE LIKE SEX AND SOME DON'T.

Another thing? Autism is not just about "fitting in". It's simply not. I have some distinct neurological shit that has nothing to do with 'fitting in', but it affects how I interact with the world because it affects how I perceive it and understand it. That is part of being autistic.

You don't get to tell me I am not autistic because I wear eyeliner and I can make two minutes of conversation at a cocktail party. There is way the hell more to it, and you don't know how much effort and energy that two minutes takes.

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