Little Miss Sunshine.

My therapist decided I am probably hypomanic.

As I described what was going on and how I was feeling, she said "well, that sounds like hypomanic to me..."

Maybe she's right?

I'm doing more, being "creative" [suddenly, more so than I have been in at least a couple of years], having more energy that has nowhere to go in this weird form of anxiety, and writing, writing, writing. I have lot of ideas. 
Only I'm not really out of control. And it's not obvious that I'm hypomanic. I'm not able to look at myself and say "yeah, I'm hypomanic", which I usually can do.

When I went into her office I was so anxious I almost cried. At some point my mood did a complete turnaround and I was chatty, outgoing, laughing, even bubbly.

It was weird. Especially given that immediately after the anxiety dissipated I felt tired for a few minutes. But then all of the sudden BAM! Little Miss Sunshine.

She said she thought I was somehow managing the symptoms well, though. 
Which she thought was a good thing. 
Because it is being mindful of what's going on. 
Or some crap like that. I don't remember exactly what she said.

I see the doctor on Monday. So.