What the fuck does passive aggressive mean?

I don't think I get it.
Is it when you don't directly address someone?

Because I get accused of it sometimes and I don't understand. I think people accuse me of it when they don't know how the fuck to deal with however the hell I'm dealing with them.

"So, I'm going to tell you exactly what I think of you in a calm unhysterical way."
"Stop being passive aggressive!"

Uh anyway.
I think this misunderstanding may get me into even more trouble than I normally would by just being a pain in the ass becuse people don't like to feel they are being fucked with.

I think when people think passive aggressive the big I'm Being Fucked With light comes on.

The term actually has a pretty interesting history.
It was originally an Army term.

If it's being used in a non-clinical setting, it's probably being used inappropriately.