Hear me out.

So this may sound, particularly to those who aren't intimately acquainted with gluten intolerance and associated issues, completely wackadoodle.

...I used to have really crazy ass anger problems and my mood problems used to be- believe it or not- much worse than what goes on now. I wasn't violent or dangerous, but I had pretty much zero frustration tolerance and just was angry all the time.

Then I went off gluten, dairy, eggs, and gave soy and dyes a pretty wide berth. It didn't occur to me until recently but that's around the time that my anger issues basically dissipated. I always assumed it just metamorphosed into anxiety and I somehow buried it deep down and it came up anxiety.

What if one of the major things that gluten does to me is more than just irritability? What if it's rageyrageyangerness?

I really think this is possible. I've been basically off my diet for the past two+ months and been getting angrier and angrier.


so I've been trying to get back on the lithium and it's just been one ridiculous befuddlement after another. I was having stomach problems that are actually psychosomatic [because at one point I had actual stomach problems], so my doctor presented with the idea of liquid. The pharmacy didn't have it in stock so gave me another kind of tablet, and I ran out and then found out they never ordered the liquid. I forgot to call my doctor and they still haven't ordered the liquid. My doctor has now gone on vacation. 
I've been on and off lithium for the past few months a few times because of the stomach thing and having developed a very serious aversion to it.

My plan now, as silly as it may seem, is to start the gf diet again, then progress to no eggs or dairy and see where that is then reassess my mood/anger issues. Then to go back to the lithium.

By that point my brain and body should be more stable and I should actually be able to see where I really am.

I know it might sound ridiculous however to those who don't have experience with this kind of thing. But it's real, and really affects me, so I'm going to try.

That's my story and I'm stickin' to it.