From the bargain bin: Healthcare?

Something that has bothered me lately: I run into a lot of individuals who don't have great financial resources. For healthcare of various types the options they have are public assistance, sliding scales or volunteer/free community clinics. On top of that, many also don't have access to specialists because few specialists work on sliding scales- some psychiatrists and other mental health workers being a couple of the few exceptions.

 This often leads to a "beggars can't be choosers" mentality, where individuals feel because they don't pay what is considered to be the going rate for services that they have no choice in what quality of care they get, nor do they have the right to complain when they are actually treated poorly by a clinician/health professional.

That mentality is wrong. When people offer a sliding scale, public assistance, or volunteer services, there is no mention of an equally graded QUALITY of service. You aren't making a bargain for a damaged treatment plan marked 'as is' off the clearance rack.

 If you offer health care to someone and offer them alternative payment arrangements, they are just as deserving of the best service their healthcare provider can offer. Because that's the point: healthcare.

 NOT "poor quality of life but still breathing so I guess it's ok" care.

 If you are receiving assistance for healthcare for any reason, don't buy into the idea that you are less deserving of quality care. As a patient, client, or consumer, you have every right to demand it.

 Please advocate for yourself.