I uh-err... this is all I have right now.

21 Tips to Keep Your Shit Together When You're Depressed.

So. Yeah.
Read, process.
Talk amongst yourselves. I'll give you a topic: the Progressive Era was neither progressive nor an era.

We'll return shortly.


Aaannd... we're back. [i think]

Yeah so, I took some time off.
What exactly it was I was taking a little vacation from, I can't exactly say.

In theory, I have allergies.
In reality, I probably "just" have 'intolerances'.

But let me put all of this ignorant crap that may be flying through your head straight right the fuck now:
whether intolerances or allergies, if they are bad enough, they can make your life a living hell.


How and why I give the wrong impression to complete strangers.

I actually wrote this the first week of June [on the same day it happened, in fact] I'm not sure why it didn't make it to this blog. Probably just with all the shuffling and such it got moved off and never got back on. Anyway, I think the sequence of events is just a good demonstration of why people can be difficult to interpret.


I went to the library today.
Afterward, I walked up the street for along time. It seemed like hours.
Just as I was about to turn into the Staples, a guy said:

"I like your bag"

The bag on my back is clearly marketed for 10 year old girls. It's a bright pink and white, with little cartoons on it. Drawings of completely inaccurate Earths, rainbows with no indigo in them, poorly constructed figures with no hands and ridiculous grins.

"Hey, I've seen you walking, you are everywhere. I see you walking around downtown all the time"
"That's interesting. I'm almost never downtown"
"Really? Well, hey you want to go-"
I turned into Staples.