I used to be to frightened to use a frying pan…

I actually used to be afraid to even stand near one.
Not when I was like five.
This was two or three years ago.

Not a joke.

Now I am some kind of frying pan Amazon Warrior: try to make dinner most nights of the week and… “sauté” my food…

Ok, let’s get real.
I’m an American, so I am really just frying that stuff up with a minimal amount of olive oil.

[ and... Rachel Ray? I think you are pretty great, but can we stop with the "EVOO" movement? That's like my ninth grade history teacher who would call vocabulary "voc" and vacation "vacay" and... I think I've blocked everything else because it was too hilariously disturbing somehow...]

What was I babbling about?

Yeah so…
I “sauté” a bunch of stuff, because I put it in a frying pan and drink wine out of a stem-less glass and listen to sleazy jazz and… sway back and forth with my eyes closed so I don’t have to worry about burning anything.

It usually turns out super TASTY and totally unexpected and successful and like… stuff I could never duplicate.

Tonight’s menu:
Thinly sliced “double browned” beef in a dry cider and sriracha glaze wtih caramelized apple and sweet onion.
Served in warm brown rice and fresh tomato on quick steamed baby spinach.


Yeah. No.
Destroyed the kitchen and burned myself- got some spinach all the way into the dining room- I think that’s a new record.
I have an idea for how to combine party games and a spinach surplus at this point though.